Dercum & Beer

Birth / Established: 1917
Death / Dissolved: 1939


Dercum and Beer was in business from 1907 to 1939, ten years after the 1929 death of partner George W. Beer. The firm was known for its Craftsman style residences, built in Cleveland Heights, Shaker Heights, and Lakewood. It was also the architect of significant buildings in Cleveland including the Cudell Clock Tower, the Penton Office Building, and the Hotel Linn.

Building Name Address Built Status
Residence fo George D. Jones 10418 Somerset, Cleveland, OH 1907 Standing
Residence for Mr. Gender 17829 Lake Avenue, Lakewood, OH 1907 Standing
Residence for Mrs. Fenton Cleveland, OH 1907 Demolished
Residence for O. Krause 17841 Lake Avenue, Lakewood, OH 1907 Standing
Store and apartment for George D. Jones 1076-80 E. 105th, Cleveland, OH 1907 Standing
Crannell Morgan Residence 118 Mayfield Avenue, Akron, OH 1908 Standing
Hotel Linn 1285 West 9th Street, Cleveland, OH 1908 Standing
Carl W. Gehring Residence 13475 Lake Avenue, Lakewood, OH 1910 Standing
Joseph C. Huber Residence 1432 Nortland Avenue, Lakewood, OH 1910 Standing
Residence 1533 East 115th Street, Cleveland, OH 1910 Standing
J.H. Rogers 14300 South Park Boulevard, Shaker Heights, OH 1912 Standing
Residence 11310 Wade Park Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1914 Standing
Residence 2115 Elandon Drive, Cleveland Heights, OH 1914 Standing
Residence 1524 East 115th Street, Cleveland, OH 1915 Standing
Residence for John A. Zangerle West 104th and Lake, Cleveland, OH 1915 Standing
Walter S. Pope Residence 2271 North St. James, Cleveland Heights, OH 1915 Standing
Commercial building addition 3167 Fulton, Cleveland, OH 1917 Demolished
Cudell Clock Tower 1390 West Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 1917 Standing
Residence Edgehill and Derbyshire, Cleveland Heights, OH 1917 Demolished
Residence for Bertha Backus 2717 Lancaster Road, Cleveland Heights, OH 1917 Demolished
Globe, Machine and Stamping Cleveland, OH 1918 Demolished
Reasner Residence 10216 Lake Avenue, Cleveland, OH 1923 Standing
Penton Press and Plate Building Cleveland, OH 1924 Demolished
Dr. Guy Lovett Residence 2877 Brighton, Shaker Heights, OH 1925 Unknown
Penton Publishing 1213 West 3rd, Cleveland, OH 1925 Demolished
H.D. Messick Residence -Fontenay Road Cleveland, OH 1927 Standing
Residence for Guarantee Building Company 2926 Torrington, Shaker Heights, OH 1927 Standing
A.P. Shraner Residence 18901 North Park, Shaker Heights, OH 1928 Standing
St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church 340 North Main Street, Hudson, OH 1935 Standing
Benjamin H. Rose Residence 1106 Forest, Lakewood, OH n.d. Demolished
Country Home for Judge W.A. Babcock Gates Mills, OH n.d. Demolished
S.A.P. Schrayer Residence Ohio n.d. Demolished


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Image Source(s): Craig Bobby