Lead Hazard Control Program

601 Lakeside Ave. Room 302
Cleveland, Ohio 44114
P: 216.664.2929
F: 216.420.7964
Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm

The Lead Hazard Control (LHC) Grant Program is designed to strategically advance efforts to increase lead-safe affordable housing while eliminating the possibility of childhood lead poisoning in the City of Cleveland. The LHC program provides lead risk assessments, identifies lead–based paint and provides grants to control lead-based paint hazards. The program strives to use a single approach to address various housing, health, and safety needs for low- and very low-income families with children under the age of six. These efforts will significantly improve the health of the community and quality of the housing stock.

Applicant and Eligibility Information on Free Lead Hazard Repairs and Lead Hazard Repair Grant

Residents of the City of Cleveland living in older homes with children 6 years of age or younger and whose incomes are included in the guidelines below may participate in this program. Landlords are required to pay a minimum of $600 towards the cost of the project.


  • Home must be in the City of Cleveland and built before 1978
  • A child under age six must live in or visit 20+ hours each week, or a pregnant woman must live in the home
  • The family must be low income
  • Lead hazards must be identified (all eligible families get a free lead inspection)

Additional information is available from the Lead Hazard Control Program at 216.664.2929.

Lead Hazard Control Grant Program Application


% of Annual
Area Median
Household Size: Number of Persons in Home
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
50% $27,550 $31,450 $35,400 $39,300 $42,450 $45,600 $48,750 $51,900
80% $44,050 $50,350 $56,650 $62,900 $67,950 $73,000 $78,000 $83,050

Protecting Children

Lead is poisonous to a child’s body, and can harm the brain and cause learning difficulties and behavioral problems. Many homes built before 1978 have paint containing lead. The city recommends that parents living in homes built before 1978 have their children tested.

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