Block Grant Program

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The Community Development Block Grant program is the consolidation of ten federal housing and urban development programs into one flexible grant which provides funding for local improvement projects.

The objective of the program is to develop urban communities through decent housing, suitable environments and expanded economic opportunities. Every project must meet one of these conditions:

  • Directly benefit low-and moderate-income residents
  • Eliminate and prevent blight and property deterioration
  • Serve an urgent need

Plan Development

The Department of Community Development develops Cleveland's application for these funds. To qualify, the City must have an approved multi-year strategic plan for housing and community development. A plan must be submitted to HUD annually with budgets and detailed information about activities to be undertaken in the upcoming program year.

The Department develops the consolidated budget by working in conjunction with other City departments, City Council residents, and prospective third-party agencies including neighborhood organizations.

Public Participation

The public is encouraged to participate in every phase of the application development process.

Planning stage meetings are conducted to solicit information regarding neighborhood needs and project suggestions. These may be citywide or conducted within each of the eight planning regions. Notification of planning sessions and public hearings is accomplished through full use of radio, television, newspaper and newsletters.

Those unable to attend a session may call the Citizen Participation Hotline at 216.664.2869, or contact Community Development via email or fax (216.664.4006) to offer suggestions.

Application Process and Public Notice

Once public input is incorporated, the proposed application is submitted to Council for review and a summary is published in the daily newspaper. The final version is published when it is submitted to HUD. The entire application can be seen at all times in room 320 of City Hall and at the Public Administration Library on the main floor.

A public notice is published annually to invite the public to review the Grantee Performance Report that HUD requires from the City. It provides financial and other data to enable the evaluation of the progress of Block Grant-funded activities. Copies are available for viewing year-round in City Hall.

Grant-Eligible Activities Include:


Public Improvements

Land Use

New Construction
Mortgage Assistance
Fair Housing
Code Enforcement
Rehab Assistance

Playground Rehabilitation
Pool Rehabilitation
Sidewalk Replacement
Curb Replacement
Street Lights
Catch Basins
Trees and Lawns


Vacant Lot Cleanup
Land Banking
Land Reutilization
Urban Gardening

Public Services

Economic Development

Crime Prevention & Safety
Elderly Services
Youth Services
Education & Tutoring
Job Training & Placement
Day Care

Technical Assistance to CDC's
Small Business Loans
Storefront Renovation
Storefront Design Assistance
Site Improvement
Off-Street Parking