Doing Business With the City

Important Notice for Contractors Providing Demolition Services

Qualified environmental surveying, environmental abatement, and/or demolition services contractors interested in providing bids for emergency demolition of unsafe structures is asked to contact the Department of Building and Housing. -More

Minority-Owned, Female-Owned and Small Business Open Houses

Equal Opportunity Information: 216.664.4152
Open House Information: 216.664.2620

On the first Tuesday of every month from 10:00am to 12:00pm the City of Cleveland’s Division of Purchasing and Supplies hosts a virtual open house for minority-owned, female-owned and Cleveland small businesses. The purpose of these open houses is to educate attendees on how to compete for City business. Vendors may attend the meeting online via WebEx (password: 35wPKPxNa2A) or by coming to Cleveland City Hall, Room 128. Contact the Division of Purchasing and Supplies to request how you wish to attend the meeting. Space is limited for in office attendance and will be on a first come first serve basis.

Providing Products and Services for the City of Cleveland

Vendors must meet general conditions in order to bid on contracts with the City of Cleveland. Interested vendors should review instructions which cover requirements, guidelines, and required forms. In addition, vendors should make themselves familiar with the City’s bidding procedures.

Plan Holder List

The Senior Clerk maintains lists of potential bidders for items and services normally purchased by the City. These vendors have expressed interest in being contacted when the City needs to make a purchase. The advantage of being on the City’s Plan Holders List is to increase the potential of a vendor being notified of the City’s needs. In order to be placed on the list, vendors must call (216)664-2620. Note: Simply being on the Plan Holders List does not guarantee that an Invitation to Bid will be sent. For larger vendor lists, the number of potential bidders may sometimes prohibit the mailing of the bid documents to every vendor. To remain informed of the City’s current bids vendors should:


Whenever used City property can, in the opinion of the Commissioner, be exchanged for partial payment of the purchase of a new and similar article, the Commissioner will advertise for bids.

Purchases Not Exceeding $1,000

When a City agency requisitions seldom-needed articles, commodities, supplies, material or equipment not normally stocked by the City which cost $1000 or less, the Commissioner of Purchases and Supplies is authorized to procure these items by non-competitive purchase for the best price obtainable.

Purchases Not Exceeding $50,000

All City of Cleveland purchases between $1,000 and $50,000 will be based on a minimum of three bidders. Invitations to Bid are available to view at City Hall in the DPS office, room 128. Extra copies of the invitations are filed in racks beneath the responsible buyers’ name. These bids will be open to inspection for at least 48 hours prior to the time fixed for the taking of bids. Due to the nature of the sealed bid policy, no faxes are acceptable prior to the bid opening date. Completed and sealed bids are to be returned and time stamped before 3:00pm on their due date.

Vendors can view current solicitations for purchases under $50,000. Vendors can register with the City by sending a completed Pre-registration worksheet and W-9 form to the Division of Purchases and Supplies:

Division of Purchases and Supplies
City of Cleveland 
601 Lakeside Ave, Room 128 
Cleveland, OH 44114 

Purchases Exceeding $50,000

Invitations to Bid over $50,000 can be found on the City’s website or posted in the Division of Purchases and Supplies, room 128 in City Hall. Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope that contains the file number and the name of the project clearly displayed on the front. Bids must be time stamped and turned in before 12:00pm noon on the respective bid due date.

Bids will be opened on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday at noon. Bids are read aloud and are subject to an extensive review process through the Division of Purchases and Supplies. Following the review process of all eligible bids a contract will be awarded to the lowest and best bidder

Federal Tax Law Requirement

The Federal Tax Law of 1982 requires the City of Cleveland to have either the Social Security Number or Federal I.D. number of any individual/company awarded a purchase order or contract on file.