Louis Agassiz School

Field trips take the book learning from the classroom and extend it to life lessons. Four students from Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s Louis Agassiz Student Council visited Cleveland City Hall and were welcomed by Mayor Frank G. Jackson and Chief of Education, Monyka Price. The students were accompanied by their teachers as part of their classroom discussion on city government. Students enjoyed this learning opportunity with a tour of Cleveland City Hall, a photo opportunity and a question and answer session.

Louis Agassiz on Bosworth Road in Cleveland is a small, family oriented school where teachers and scholars work together to create classrooms where all different types of learners can be an active part of student led instruction. The school is one of Cleveland's higher performing schools and has added multiple extracurricular activities for the upcoming school year. The school has been open since 1929 and will continue to be a beacon for those who want a high quality education in a small family environment. All are invited to stop by and visit the new Principal, Bill Wingler, and see the many changes to the school. 

Clare Walters