John Marshall Students

Sixty-eight students from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District’s John Marshall High School on West 140th Street in Cleveland visited and toured Cleveland City Hall. The students, accompanied by their school’s representatives, were welcomed by Mayor Frank G. Jackson and City of Cleveland’s Chief of Education Monyka Price for a meet and greet opportunity. 

Field trips take the book learning from the classroom and extend it to life lessons.  Currently, the students are learning about government and legislation and their recent field trip to Cleveland City Hall offered the students a first-hand look at how the legislation process works and provided a snapshot about the daily operations and functions of a structured government work environment.  In addition, students enjoyed this learning opportunity with a question and answer session. 

John Marshall High School is the first school in Cleveland to focus on computer science. Student experiences will include building robots, creating video games, designing websites and producing models on 3D printers. IT professionals mentor students and provide opportunities for students to explore careers after school.

Clare Walters