Office of Budget and Management

The Office of Budget and Management provides budget analysis and management consulting services to the Mayor, City Council and all departments of the City by preparing, implementing and monitoring annual operating budgets and financial plans that projects the availability of required resources and anticipated expenditures necessary for the delivery of municipal services.

City of Cleveland's Budget Books

Financial Planning

This Office Projects the City's financial and capital requirements by monitoring consumer spending, local employment trends and integrating results into financial projections for the Tax Budget. It Performs ongoing analysis of appropriations by organization, and reviews Revenue and Expenditure estimates and projects changes in fund balances.

Management Support

Office of Budget Management assists and advises the Mayor's Office, Division Managers and City Council in the efficient application of the resources available to them by developing and conducting City-wide Budget Analyst Training Sessions; as well as, monthly budget status sessions conducted with City Managers.

Grant Compliance

This Office assists in the effective administration of grant programs for the City of Cleveland in accordance with Federal and Local Department laws, regulations, policies and procedures.