Bureau of Sidewalks and Permits

601 Lakeside Ave., Rm 518
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

P: 216.664.2474
Weekdays 7:30 am-4:30 pm
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The Bureau of Sidewalks and Permits assures proper maintenance of the City’s public sidewalks; issues citations, violation notifications, and permits; and administers two sidewalk repair programs.

Property owners with damaged sidewalks may be issued notifications from this Bureau for repairs which are needed to eliminate safety hazards.

Sidewalk Permits

216.664.2474 - Weekdays 7:30am to 4:30 pm - 601 Lakeside Rm 518

The Bureau of Sidewalks and Permits issues sidewalk permits which property owners are required to purchase prior to beginning a sidewalk project. These $25 permits can be obtained weekdays between 7:30 am and 4 pm in City Hall’s room 518. Cash, checks or money orders made payable to The City of Cleveland are accepted. Permits are not issued from November 15 to February 1 unless approved by the Director of Public Service.

50/50 Sidewalk Residential Replacement Program

216.664.2182 - Weekdays 7:30 am to 4:30 pm - 601 Lakeside, Rm 518

The 50/50 sidewalk repair program was designed to encourage the repair of unsafe sidewalks. The City of Cleveland partners with residents and each pay 50% of the total cost to have the sidewalks repaired. The program opens every spring, however the city’s matching funds are limited and the program closes when all City funds allocated have been exhausted.

Program Description

Repair unsafe sidewalks through a partnership between the City of Cleveland and its residents where each party pays 50% of the cost.

The 50/50 Sidewalk Program is voluntary, but deciding not to have the required repairs made under this program does not relieve the property owner of his/her responsibilities or liabilities under Codified Ordinance 505.11 of the City of Cleveland.

Program Process

Upon request, a city inspector will visit your property and assess your sidewalks. The city inspector will prepare a cost estimate and take photos. These documents, along with an authorization form, program rules & regulations and a return envelope will be mailed or emailed to you. A Private Tree Authorization may be included if necessary.

The occurrence of work will depend on when the resident’s matching funds are received by the City. Work typically begins 8-12 weeks after receipt of residential funds. In the event City funds are totally utilized and you have authorized the work at your residence, you will be notified by the City.

Financing Information

The City’s matching funds are limited. Should they become depleted the program will be suspended until additional City funds are allocated. However, requests for sidewalk estimates will continue to be received and performed.

Qualifying Criteria
  • Property must be zoned residential
  • Adjacent sidewalk slabs have a height difference 1/2 inch or more
  • Private tree issues must be finalized by property owner prior to city work commencing
  • Sidewalk slabs that have a large amount of surface spalling/chipping greater than 1/2 inch deep
  • Sidewalks with a large number of cracks that results in rocking or movement
  • Sidewalks that pond water causing ice to form

Eligible Repairs

Sidewalks, drive walks, driveway aprons, carriage paths, curbs at the ends of driveways; areas made of stone slab or bricks will be replaced with concrete

Ineligible Repairs

Sidewalk paths leading to the home, root pruning or removal of private trees

Sidewalk Assessment Program

216.664.2474 - Weekdays 7:30am to 4:30 pm - 601 Lakeside Rm 518

This program is designed to replace all the sidewalks on an entire street at one time. The City pays for half of the expense of the new sidewalks, and the street’s property owners pay the other half. Prior to beginning the work, 75% of the street’s residents must agree to participate in the program. Homeowners can make ten equal payments over five years.