Division of Neighborhood Services

This division administers programs that strengthen City neighborhoods and provides services to homeowners, tenants, merchants, and institutions that preserve dwellings.  These include direct loans/grants to property owners for repair, renovation, energy conservation, and safety improvements.  Other concerns include the support of quality, affordable housing for low income households and community services from City and volunteer sources.

You can submit your home repair and maintenance application (SHAP, RAH, LEAD, and exterior paint) via the Department Grant and Program Application Portal.

Repair-A-Home Loans Housing Enhancement Loan
Home Weatherization Assistance Historic Preservation Loan (Heritage Home Program)
Lead Hazard Control Program Senior Homeowner Assistance Grant
Exterior Paint Program

These specifications have been prepared for the purpose of establishing and maintaining high construction quality standards on City of Cleveland Rehabilitation projects, and making these standards clear to both property owners and contractors. The paperwork (bids, waivers, affidavits, etc.) required of contractors is also explained.

Repair-A-Home (RAH)

216.664.2045 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - 601 Lakeside Ave., Room 302

This program helps homeowners repair Cleveland homes by offering low-interest loans ranging from 0% to 3%, determined by total household income. These loans are only for code related repairs, mechanical repairs or health and safety repairs.

Interested parties should contact the Division of Neighborhood Services at the above phone number for more information. A photo ID, proof of address (copy of mortgage, insurance, utility bill, etc.), and proof of income are required.

2020/21 HOME Income Limits (Per Household Size)
Effective July 2020
HS = Household Size
HS % of 4-person 30% of Area Median 35% of Area Median 50% of Area Median 60% of Area Median 80% of Area Median
1 70% $18,350.00 $18,650.00 $26,600.00 $31,950.00 $42,600.00
2 80% $21,000.00 $21,300.00 $30,400.00 $36,500.00 $48,650.00
3 90% $21,720.00 $23,950.00 $34,200.00 $41,050.00 $54,750.00
4 100% $26,200.00 $26,600.00 $38,000.00 $45,600.00 $60,800.00
5 108% $30,680.00 $28,750.00 $41,050.00 $49,250.00 $65,700.00
6 116% $35,160.00 $30,900.00 $44,100.00 $52,900.00 $70,550.00
7 124% $39,640.00 $33,000.00 $47,150.00 $56,550.00 $75,400.00
8 132% $44,120.00 $35,150.00 $50,200.00 $60,200.00 $80,300.00

Housing Enhancement Loan Program (HELP)

216.443.7260 - Housing Enhancement Loan Program Website

This loan is available to all Cuyahoga County investors as well as owner-occupants and can be used to enhance properties with market values below $250,000. This lower interest program is not subject to income requirements.

Neighborhood Historic Preservation and Heritage Home Programs

P: 216.426.3116 - 3751 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115 

Heritage Home Program Website 

These programs are administered by the Cleveland Restoration Society. The loans are not subject to income guidelines and can be used for owner-occupied as well as non-owner occupied homes.

Senior Homeowner Assistance Program (SHAP)

216.664.2833 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - 75 Erieview Plaza, 2nd Floor

SHAP Program Flyer
SHAP Program Application

SHAP provides grants to Cleveland residents age 60+ or disabled adults who meet income eligibility guidelines and own single or two family homes in need of critical, health, safety and maintenance repairs. Applicants must live in the property in question and be able to show clear title. Proof of address (mortgage, insurance, utility bill, etc.), photo ID, and proof of income are required.

Exterior Paint Program

216.664.2045 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm – 601 Lakeside Ave. Room 302, Cleveland Ohio 44114

The Paint Program provides a valuable incentive to homeowners and tenants to maintain the exterior of their home and aid in reducing lead-based paint hazards. The Exterior Paint Program assists Cleveland residents who reside in single or two-family homes needing exterior paint.The Paint Program provides grants of up to $600 for exterior paint and supplies for owner-occupants and $400 for tenants/landlords.

  • The entire main structure must be painted to qualify for the grant.
  • A pre-inspection will be conducted to verify the property needs to be painted, and that safe work practices will be followed.
  • Eligible properties are limited to legally authorized, correctly classified, occupied one to two-unit residential structures.
Household Size and Income Guidelines Below
(Includes Adults 18 years of age and older)
Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Moderate Income $51,600 $59,000 $66,350 $73,700 $79,600 $85,500 $91,400 $97,300

Exterior Paint Program Application