Director of Public Works

Michael E. Cox was sworn in as Director of Public Works in January 2011. As Director of Public Works, Cox oversees the operations and maintenance of core City functions and is responsible for eight Divisions: Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Parking, Park Maintenance, Property Management, Recreation, Streets, Traffic Engineering, and Waste Collection. He also manages the West Side Market, Cleveland Browns Stadium, on-street parking, and all City owned off-street parking facilities.

Cox began a distinguished record of service with the City of Cleveland in 1972 as a Sidewalk Inspector with the Division of Engineering, working his way up to Chief Inspector only a year later. In 1987, he became the Superintendent of the Sidewalk Bureau and concurrently served as the Administrative Assistant to the Commissioner of Engineering.

In 1994, Cox was promoted to Commissioner of Parking Facilities where he also served as the Assistant Director of Parks and the Acting Commissioner of Recreation simultaneously for approximately one year. In 1996 he was appointed Commissioner of Recreation and briefly served as the Acting Director of the department.