Youth Communications Team

Fourteen students participating in the 2016 Youth Opportunities Unlimited (Y.O.U.) Summer Employment Program, were accompanied by their program mentors, Stephanie E. Byrd, Assistant Administrator, Public Works, and Karen Kastner, Youth Communication Team Lead Supervisor with Y.O.U., for a visit to Cleveland City Hall. The Y.O.U.’s Youth Communications Team interviewed Mayor Frank G. Jackson about his life, experience, goals and vision for the City of Cleveland.

The Y.O.U. Summer Youth Employment Program provides meaningful employment experiences for Cuyahoga County teens and young adults, ages 14 to 24. The program matches Cuyahoga County teens and young adults to meaningful summer work experiences in the public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors. In addition, Y.O.U.’s summer program manages the largest array of employment opportunities for youth in Cuyahoga County, including part-time, summer jobs and internship experiences.

Summer employment means much more than a paycheck for the youth in the program. Employment opportunities provide teens with safe constructive summer experiences. Participants gain firsthand knowledge about the workplace, develop skills and experiences, and provide students with access to explore careers and identify personal career goals. Summer programs can also lead to opportunities for mentoring and future employment.

Ruggero Fatica