Mayor Frank G. Jackson Statement on the Lying in State Ceremony for The Honorable Senator George V. Voinovich

Thursday, June 16, 2016

CLEVELAND - “Mayor, Governor, or Senator Voinovich as we called him locally, George V. Voinovich was a real Clevelander, an accomplished politician, and a great man,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “Senator Voinovich lived in the same neighborhood that he was born in, Collinwood, and was always connected to his Serbian and Slovenian Heritage. He never forgot his roots, nor did he forget where he came from as he served the people of Cleveland on the local, state, and federal levels as a legislator and administrator. Senator Voinovich demonstrated that being a politician was an honorable profession and he was. He accomplished so much in his lifetime, but when I think of him-I see a man who loved the City of Cleveland and its people. Cleveland will miss our Mayor, Governor, Senator Voinovich. Our Clevelander. And so will I.”