TechniCLE Speaking Summit

Mayor Frank G. Jackson gave introductory remarks at this year’s 2016 TechniCLE Speaking Summit held at the Jones Day law firm, North Point Building on Lakeside Avenue in Cleveland. More than 250 people gathered, including entrepreneurs, civic and political leaders, and private investors, came together to talk about collaborating, finding tech talent and raising capital.

TechniCLE Speaking was a half-day series of short talks and panel discussions with light moderation and frequent audience interaction on issues directly related to Cleveland’s emerging technology sector, including local capital raising; forging connections between government and established and emerging industries; and workforce development, both foreign and domestic.

The TechniCLE Speaking Summit event launched dialogue between start-up technical companies in Northeast Ohio and local government as well as promoted technical jobs. Cleveland has a strong emerging tech force which plays an important role in regional economic growth, making this event fitting for Cleveland. The conversations held at this event will help to strengthen the relationships between the tech force and local government by removing those barriers that exist between them. 

William C. Rieter