State of the City

Mayor Frank G. Jackson recently said, “Achieving greatness will depend on our ability and continued willingness to accept, engage and overcome the challenges before us,” as he delivered his eleventh State of the City Address at downtown Cleveland’s Public Auditorium in front of an audience of over 900 attendees, followed by a question and answer session with the audience.

Each year, as Mayor Jackson discusses the state of the City of Cleveland, he talks about the city’s financial condition; economic development and investment strategy, basic city services and quality of life issues, such as safety and public health. And, he focuses on education and the need to increase opportunities for Clevelanders to participate in the City’s economic prosperity.  

Recently, the Mayor presented a balanced and comprehensive financial budget to City Council, at the State of the City Address he elaborated on his methods and initiatives used to employ and position Cleveland for the future.

Highlights From the State of the City Address

William C. Rieter