Art Proclamation Presented

Mayor Frank G. Jackson presented a proclamation in recognition to Mr. Andrew D. and Mrs. Judith W. Finger for their contribution to the City of Cleveland. Andrew D. and Judith W. Finger purchased the painting entitled, “Breaking Ground for New City Hall,” created by Carl Lorenz in 1911, from the heirs of former Mayor Herman C. Baehr.  The late Baehr served as the mayor during the time Cleveland City Hall was commissioned.  Herman C. Baehr (March 16, 1866 – February 4, 1942) was an American politician of the Republican Party who served as the 36th mayor of Cleveland, Ohio from 1910 to 1911. 

Natives of Cleveland and longtime supporters, the Finger’s, donated and presented the painting to the City of Cleveland in 2012 and later had it restored, for the City’s centennial anniversary of the dedication and grand opening of Cleveland City Hall, 601 Lakeside Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44114, which will be held in July 2016.

In addition, the City of Cleveland Ad Hoc Arts Preservation Committee unveiled  two other prominent pieces of artwork created by renowned local artists, Elmer Novotny, entitled, “Moses Cleaveland” and by Carl Gaertner entitled, “Emma Furnace” which were restored by art experts and also on display in the Mayor’s Red Room. All three art pieces will be returned back to the treasury vault until a display case is installed in the Cleveland City Hall Rotunda, where the artwork will be displayed with other renowned pieces.

Clare Walters