City of Cleveland Introduces 2015-16 Winter Weather Plan

Thursday, November 12, 2015

CLEVELAND – As the winter season rapidly approaches, today the City of Cleveland released details from its 2015-16 winter weather plan that addressed aging fleet conditions and outlined proactive measures in place ahead of any major snow fall event. In addition to providing information on the plan, the city displayed 14 newly purchased snow removal vehicles that will be introduced into this year’s fleet.

The winter weather plan focuses on snow removal practices that produce the best results through a systematic approach. The plan is a comprehensive proposal that provides snow removal service to all city streets during a snow fall event that may produce anywhere from 1 to 6 inches of accumulation. The following are highlights of that plan.

  • A total fleet size of 75 snow removal vehicles.
  • 125 drivers to work three shifts during a snow fall event.
  • Priority on servicing main thoroughfares during snow fall then residential streets with a goal to service all streets within 48 hours after a snow fall event.
  • A systematic approach that services 52 main and secondary main thoroughfares and 292 residential subsections.
  • Automated Vehicle Locator or AVL installation on the current snow removal fleet.
  • 20,391 tons of salt on hand and 30,000 gallons of liquid de-icer.

The city’s snow removal fleet was also upgraded this year after Mayor Jackson issued a capital budget authorizing the Department of Motor Vehicle Maintenance to purchase 31 snow plows and 5 pick-up trucks with plows. These new vehicles increase the overall fleet size to 75 total vehicles, a 12 vehicle improvement from last year. During any given snowfall event, the city fleet may operate on three shifts for twenty-four hours depending on snow accumulation.

When, and if, snow accumulation exceeds 2 inches or more, the City of Cleveland Director of Public Safety may enact a Snow Emergency Parking Ban. The ban allows plows sufficient time to remove snow and ice and move through city streets at a good pace. When a snow ban goes into effect, stopping, standing, and parking of vehicles will be restricted and prohibited on City streets with posted red and white signs.

Read the Snow Emergency Parking Ban policy here and see a list of streets that have posted signage.

Residents are encouraged to report all snow and ice issues to (216) 664-2510.