Medical Innovation Summit

Cleveland is a hub for medical breakthroughs and is well-known for its Global Center for Health Innovation, which serves as a symbol of Cleveland’s growing prominence in the medical industry.  Recently, the Cleveland Clinic’s annual Medical Innovation Summit, which brought 1,700 great thinkers and leaders together to exchange information on new medical technology, its future, recent breakthroughs and continuing challenges. This year’s Cleveland Clinic’s 2015 Medical Innovation Summit, Memory. Mood. Movement., convened to discuss the future of Neurosciences and the overall state of healthcare innovation.

Mayor Frank G. Jackson welcomed hundreds of attendees and speakers from around the world to the Medical Innovation Summit held at the Cleveland Convention Center to learn, share and collaborate on a vast platform of innovation. The 13th Medical Innovation Summit was a great opportunity for major corporations, government officials, investors, local business leaders, non-profit leaders, researchers, consultants and educators to work together to advance the projects and policies that will support the creation of innovative healthcare practices. 

The collaborative ideas compiled through the Summit will provide an unrivaled perspective on the newest medical innovations and the financial drivers behind those innovations.  This Summit is recognized for providing singular insights, networking opportunities and actionable take away for the participants. The Summit was designed for individuals interested in forging new relationships, initiating dynamic discussions, and keeping medical innovation an absolute priority throughout healthcare’s historic transformation.

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