US Coast Guard

Recently, at Cleveland City Hall on behalf of the citizens of the City of Cleveland, Mayor Frank G. Jackson presented a proclamation to Rear Admiral June E. Ryan from the United States Ninth District Coast Guard recognizing the 225th Anniversary of the Establishment of the United States Coast Guard. 

The Revenue Cutter Service was established in 1790 under the jurisdiction of the Treasury Department; the Revenue Cutter Service and the United States Life-Saving Service were combined in 1915 to form the Coast Guard. In March 2003, the Coast Guard was transferred to the newly created Department of Homeland Security, where it remains today (except when operating as a service in the Navy in times of war.

The Coast Guard is comprised of nearly 36,000 active personnel, over 7,000 reserve personnel, and supported by approximately 29,000 volunteers of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. The men and women serving in the Coast Guard embody a rich tradition of honor, respect, devotion to duty, and dedication to service during times of peace and war.

The Coast Guard is at all times an Armed Force, a regulatory agency, a humanitarian service, a federal law enforcement agency and a member of the intelligence community, and is responsible for the safety, security, and stewardship of the Nation’s waters. Each year, the Coast Guard conducts on average more than 17,500 search and rescue missions, saving over 3,400 lives and $47 million in property. In addition, through its drug interdiction efforts, keeps more than $3,000,000,000 worth of illegal drugs out of the United States.

The Coast Guard safeguards ocean resources from degradation by pollution and overuse through marine environmental protection and fisheries enforcement programs. Each year, the Coast Guard responds to more than 8,900 pollution incident reports, conducts over 43,700 recreational vessel boardings and 5,900 fisheries conservations boardings, and investigates over 5,800 commercial vessel marine casualties.

The Coast Guard maintains the largest system of aids to navigation in the world, with more than 42,000 buoys, fixed markers, and lighthouses. The Coast Guard also provides critical ice breaking services for the Nation's inland waterways and shipping channels, and international waters as needed and plays a leading role in the Nation's undocumented migrant interdiction activities.

The Coast Guard is a military service and a branch of the Armed Forces, plays a crucial role in the President's strategy of international engagement, and its personnel have fought in every major military conflict since its inception in 1790. The Coast Guard, its history and missions, are inextricably linked to the history and growth of the towns, states and waterways where it serves. The locally based, nationally deployed nature of its work provides Coast Guard men and women the privilege of interfacing with the maritime communities in which it operates.

The Coast Guard’s readiness and mission success stem from its ties with law enforcement, other military services, federal and international partners, and state and local governments. The City of Cleveland is honored to join the Coast Guard in celebrating its 225th Anniversary.

Clare Walters