Selection Panel for Community Police Commission Formed

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Next Step on the Road to Reform 

CLEVELAND – Mayor Frank G. Jackson and U.S. Attorney Steven M. Dettelbach announced today the appointment of an 11-member selection panel that will have the duty to appoint 10 representatives to the City of Cleveland Community Police Commission, as detailed in the agreement between the City of Cleveland and the U.S. Department of Justice.

“I have confidence in this panel to accomplish their goal of selecting qualified members for the Community Police Commission and to keep the city on track as we continue down the Road to Reform,” said Mayor Jackson. 

“It is now time for this impressive panel to independently select 10 members of Cleveland's first-ever Community Police Commission, said U.S. Attorney Dettelbach. “Looking at the commitment, diversity and accomplishments of this group, I have every confidence that they will pick a panel that will serve the people well. I hope Cleveland's best and brightest will follow this group's lead and apply to serve.”

The Community Police Commission will be comprised of 13 members, 10 selected by the newly formed selection panel and three selected by City of Cleveland police unions. The Community Police Commission will make recommendations to the Chief of Police and the City, including the Mayor and City Council, on policies and practices related to community and problem-oriented policing, bias-free policing and police transparency.  

The members of the selection panel are:

    • Eugenia Cash, LSW, MSSA, CDCA, Chair, Alcohol Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (A.D.A.M.H.S.) Board of Cuyahoga County
    • Gabriella Celeste, Director, Case Western Reserve University Schubert Center for Child Studies
    • Rev. Dr. Jawanza Colvin, Pastor, Olivet Institutional Baptist Church
    • Colleen M. Cotter Esq., Executive Director, Legal Aid Society  
    • Rev. Jimmy Gates, Pastor, Zion Hill Missionary Baptist
    • Anita Gray, President/CEO, Anti-Defamation League   
    • Phyllis Seven Harris, Executive Director, LGBT Center of Greater Cleveland
    • Dr. Alex Johnson, President, Cuyahoga Community College
    • Ronald B. Richard, President/CEO, The Cleveland Foundation 
    • Victor A. Ruiz, Executive Director, Ezperanza Inc.
    • Timothy L. Tramble, Executive Director, Bell-Burten-Carr Development Corporation

Click here to read short biographies of each selection panel member. 

The selection panel will ensure that members of the Community Police Commission include one representative from faith-based organizations, civil-rights advocates, the business/philanthropic community, organizations representing communities of color, advocacy organizations, youth or student organizations, academia and individuals with expertise in the challenges facing people with mental illness or the homeless. Additionally, the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association, the Fraternal Order of Police and the Black Shield will each select a representative to serve on the Commission.

“We are honored to be part of the selection panel and look forward to getting to work,” stated the members in a joint statement. “We embrace our role in building community trust and engagement, and encourage a diverse pool of people to consider applying to serve on the Community Police Commission. We plan to regularly update the public on our progress, beginning with a public meeting in the near future in which we will explain the application process and the role of the Commission.” 

The selection panel must select members of the Community Police Commission within 60 days. View today’s press conference in its entirety here: