One Simple Act

The City of Cleveland Chief of Sustainability Jenita McGowan, Chief Operating Officer Darnell Brown, Director of Public Works Michael E. Cox and the Executive Director of The Recycling Partnership Keefe Harrison were joined by members of the community to launch the new recycling education initiative on the steps of Cleveland City Hall.

A brand-new education campaign called, “One Simple Act,” is hitting the streets, thanks to the City of Cleveland and their partnership with The Recycling Partnership, a non-profit organization designed to increase participation in curbside recycling programs. The Recycling Partnership works directly with community partners to improve their curbside recycling programs.

This campaign demonstrates that recycling is one simple act that can unite all Cleveland residents to yield impressive results city-wide and is the result of a partnership between the City of Cleveland’s Department of Public Works and the Division of Waste Collection as well as the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and The Recycling Partnership. 

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