Destination Cleveland Meeting

Cleveland has changed and great things are happening in Cleveland. Many city, county, business leaders and organization representatives gathered at this year’s Destination Cleveland 2015 Annual Meeting to talk about how far Cleveland has come, where the City is going, the city’s economic growth, and the positive impact on travel and tourism in Cleveland. The City of Cleveland is on the way to becoming a city where businesses, residents and visitors will stay connected with all that Cleveland has to offer.

Mayor Frank G. Jackson gave brief remarks at Destination Cleveland’s 2015 Annual Meeting held at the Quicken Loans Arena to thank Destination Cleveland for their efforts to support the City of Cleveland’s mission to make Cleveland a welcoming place where opportunity and quality of life are inclusive of everyone.

Destination Cleveland is committed to creating an economic impact for the region by promoting business and leisure travel to the area. In addition, Destination Cleveland is also committed to moving Cleveland forward in its mission to become a place where people choose to live, work, play and do business.

In preparation for the 2016 Republican National Convention, downtown Cleveland is experiencing a level of investment and national attention to transform Public Square into a world class public space for all to enjoy.