Weather Related Reminder

Sunday, February 1, 2015

CLEVELAND – The City of Cleveland issues the following reminder. Watch the weather reports, stay at home if you do not have to travel and check on the elderly, your friends, family, neighbors and your pets to be sure they are safe and warm. To our municipal workers, emergency workers, police officers, firefighters, Emergency Medical Services, and hospital workers, thank you for your service during this difficult and challenging weather. The City has 20 snow removal crews working today until 11 p.m. and after that there will be 40 crews out to keep pace with the snow concentrating primarily on the emergency routes and they will get to secondary routes as they can. In the morning before you get on the road to come to work again, check the weather conditions, school closures, and be extra cautious as you come to work or go home, if you are working tonight. Watch out for the snow plows and give them extra room so they can do their jobs in clearing the roads.

# # #