Board of Control - Next Meeting

Board of Control to Hold Weekly Meetings

The Board meets every Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. The current agenda is available here. Meeting minutes are published in the City Record.

Under the conditions specified by law, a WebEx session will be used to facilitate and record the meetings and the meetings will be live streamed on YouTube.

Anyone wishing to address the Board on any agenda item may do so with the permission of the Board, but in no case, shall the address exceed five minutes in duration unless additional time is allowed by the Board. We ask individuals who wish to address the Board on an agenda item to contact the Department of Law by email or phone (email is preferred). Individuals not seeking to address the Board during the WebEx session are encouraged to view one of the live streams.

If you wish to attend or participate virtually in the Board of Control meeting, please send a request by email, no later than 12:00 noon Wednesday, to Hamzeh Shahadeh, copy(CC) to Jeffrey Marks, Tiffany Fischbach, Vishnu Ganglani, and Jason Shachner.