Tree Damaged Sidewalk Program

During the week of May 26, 2020, the City will begin sidewalk repairs as part of its 2020 Tree Damaged Sidewalk Program on various streets throughout the City. Traffic and pedestrian access may be temporarily restricted or delayed due to the contractor’s operations. Two-way traffic will be maintained. Pedestrian traffic may be limited to one side of the street. Motorists should be alert for traffic signage and flaggers used to direct traffic at the tree damaged sidewalk repair work locations. Pedestrians will need to be alert for advanced warning signage for closed sidewalks at the work locations.

This project repairs sidewalk locations on various City streets which have been damaged by tree roots and are limited to streets which have been recently resurfaced through the City’s Residential Resurfacing Program. The improvement includes sidewalk removal and replacement, root pruning or the removal of trees if necessary.  If a tree is removed, a new one will be planted. There is no charge, to the resident, for this work.

For questions, contact the City’s Sidewalk Bureau at (216) 664-2474.