Clean Cleveland Program

Mayor Frank G. Jackson announced the kick-off of the 2019 Clean Cleveland program, a series of proactive efforts to clean, repair and upgrade city neighborhoods. The program is a collaboration between various city departments to deliver services in a proactive manner –one subsection at a time. The Clean Cleveland program is in addition to existing services. 

Clean Cleveland Press Conference Video

“We re-launched the Clean Cleveland initiative in 2017 after the passage of Issue 32 and I want to once again thank the people of Cleveland for their support,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “The kick-off of the Clean Cleveland Initiative is collaboration between city departments to deliver services proactively to help clean, repair and upgrade our City one neighborhood at a time.”

The Healthy Neighborhoods Impact Team staffs the Clean Cleveland crews and consists of Public Works, Public Utilities, Building & Housing, Public Health, Public Safety and the Environmental Crimes Task Force. Teams are comprised of 30 crews, 60+ employees, 20+ trucks and 12+ miscellaneous machines.

There were special thanks to residents on McGowan Avenue who showed up to support this effort and who are engaged in making sure their neighborhood is well represented.

Residents can expect to see city crews in their neighborhoods inspecting, fixing and cleaning in a coordinated and systematic manner through November 2019, weather permitting.

In addition to efforts made by the Clean Cleveland crews, residents are encouraged to:

    • Report illegal activity in and around abandoned buildings;
    • Keep the neighborhood clean and healthy by disposing of waste properly, recycling, and keeping up with yard work and important home and property repairs;
    • Adhere to the waste set out rules; 
    • Keep the property, including sidewalks, clean and free of debris; 
    • Keep an eye out for illegal dumping. Call 664-DUMP, to report any dumping; and
    • Move cars off the street when street cleaning signs are posted - otherwise, parking enforcement crews will ticket violators.

Citizens can report concerns or let Clean Cleveland know how crews are doing by emailing or calling 3-1-1.

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