Five Firefighters Promoted

Mayor Frank G. Jackson promoted five firefighters to new supervisory positions in the Cleveland Division of Fire. Assistant Director of Public Safety Timothy Hennessy, Chief of Fire Angelo Calvillo, City Council Safety Chair Matt Zone and other public safety officials were in attendance. One firefighter was promoted to the rank of captain and four to lieutenant. 

Promoted Firefigher Bios

“Through many years of service, these firefighters have demonstrated their commitment to providing Cleveland residents with the quality service that they deserve,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “As they take on new leadership responsibilities it is this same commitment to service that will have the greatest positive impact to influence lives and change communities.”  

“Congratulations to the five promotees who were promoted today,” said Fire Chief Angelo Calvillo. “Your hard work and hours of preparation led to your selection for promotion and I am confident in your commitment as civil servants to provide the best service possible to the citizens and visitors of Cleveland.”

In addition to the promotion of several firefighters, the Division of Fire is hiring 80 personnel to maintain staff levels and account for the retirement of veteran staff. Those interested in joining the Cleveland Division of Fire should contact the Cleveland Fire Recruitment Unit at 216.664.6388 or email inquiries to: 

The Division has also reopened its fire station in the Gateway district, added safety equipment, updated its records system and updated its computer aided dispatch system. Mayor Jackson, who announced his 2019 proposed budget enhancements in early February, is focused on critical services in area neighborhoods.  As a result of Issues 32 which passed in Nov. 210, services such as police, fire and emergency medical service (EMS) have all since received significant increases in staff and equipment. 

Clare Walters