Planting With a Purpose

Thanks to the second annual Planting with a Purpose event, two city parks saw improvements in landscape that help beautify the city’s neighborhoods.

“The addition of plants in these community spaces is not merely a cosmetic one,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “Enhancements to our green spaces are a valuable part of improving the quality of life for all Clevelanders, adding value and beautifying our neighborhoods.”

The Planting with a Purpose event is the result of a successful collaboration between the City of Cleveland and A.J. Petitti of Petitti Garden Centers, Ricky Smith and Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere (R.A.K.E), MTD Products Inc, Kurtz Brothers and The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company. About 60 volunteers helped plant 3,000 various types of greenery at the east and west side parks. 

The locations include:

    • Kerruish Park (Ward 1) – 17218 Tarkington Ave.
    • Halloran Park (Ward 11) – 3550 West 117th St.
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