Simon’s Supermarket

Mayor Frank G. Jackson joined community leaders and residents in celebration of Simon’s Supermarket Grand Opening in Cleveland’s Buckeye-Shaker neighborhood. The new supermarket will provide residents with access to healthy and affordable food. The Oct. 6th event featured food, music, and information tables.

“All neighborhoods deserve access to the basic necessities that contribute to a better quality of life. Access to a supermarket with affordable and healthy food options is integral to that,” said Mayor Frank G. Jackson. “I am pleased that residents of the Buckeye area now have a new neighborhood store to patronize to provide for their families.”

Following the closing of a supermarket at the location in Jan. 2017, the new Simon’s location was highly anticipated in the area. The City of Cleveland provided financial and other assistance to bring Simon’s Supermarket to Buckeye Plaza. Simon’s collaborated with more than 700 residents on improving the location.


Clare Walters