New Directors

Mayor Frank G. Jackson administered the oath of office to three cabinet members who previously served as interim directors of their respective departments.

David Ebersole is the new director of economic development. He is formerly the interim director of economic development. In his role he leads a department that provides assistance to businesses expanding within or locating to the city of Cleveland, including financing, workforce solutions and technical assistance that will encourage investment in the community.

Grady Stevenson is the new director of community relations board. He most recently served as the interim director of the community relations board and will continue his work to promote positive relationships among Cleveland’s racial and cultural groups. He returned to the City in 2006 to work for the department of Community Relations as a supervisor in the areas of community outreach and crisis intervention.

Ayonna Blue Donald is the director of building and housing. She most recently served as the interim director of building and housing and will continue to ensure all of Cleveland’s existing and new structures are maintained and constructed in a safe and habitable manner.