Thank you, Cleveland!


Thank you for your inquiry. The Jackson administration is no longer accepting event scheduling requests as of November 1, 2021.


“When I announced that this was my final term, I said, ‘this is a relay, not a sprint.’ This means no mayor starts and finishes the race. Instead, they run their leg and pass the baton. This, however, assumes a purpose and a clear direction. For me, that has always been to leave the city better than how I found it, position Cleveland for a sustainable future, and move the city down the path of a great city, where all share in the prosperity and the quality of life.

Together, we have faced and overcome challenges and hard times. Yes, we are a successful city. We are well positioned for the future, but all this will change with the next crisis, if not dealt with properly. I have run my leg of this relay. Much has been done. But much more needs to be done. Whatever I have accomplished over the past 16 years, was not done on my own. I thank my family, cabinet, city employees and businesses and I thank you, the residents of the City of Cleveland, for allowing me to serve as your Mayor for past 16 years.”

- Mayor Frank G. Jackson



Watch Mayor Frank G. Jackson’s Final State of the City Address