Contractor and Service Provider Information

Service Provider Information

216.664.2174 -Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - 601 Lakeside Ave, Room 122

All “Service Providers”, essentially utilities and telecoms, must annually register with the City of Cleveland, and fulfill additional requirements per City Ordinance. Violation or refusal to comply with the provisions of this ordinance may result in civil action by the City.

Jobsite Considerations for Projects Affecting Streets and Sidewalks

216.664.2174 -Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - 601 Lakeside Ave, Room 122

Winter Construction Considerations

Permits are to be posted on the jobsite during working hours, and available for review on request by authorized city personnel. Construction areas must be protected and barricaded until they can be opened to pedestrian or vehicle traffic without damage. By City Ordinance, failure to secure a sidewalk and/or an obstruction permit may result in a stop work order, fines and penalties.

The City retains the right to adjust work hours based upon the impact that the project has on pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow. The Division of Traffic Engineering must approve a traffic plan prior to commencement of work.

The City reserves the right to close any construction project in progress indefinitely due to weather conditions. Special construction conditions apply to winter months.

An obstruction permit is required for repairs performed in the Central Business District and at all locations citywide which require obstruction of a main street.

Street and Sidewalk Permit, License, and Registration Information



Encroachment Permit For awnings, foyers, banners, railings, ramps, utilities or other items encroaching into public right-of way
Permit Procedure       Street Opening Conditions
Lot Split Consolidation Tracking Fee $100 fee to subdivide and/or consolidate land
Oversize Vehicle Operation Authority to operate a vehicle with a load in excess of the maximum weight.  Per occurance fee amount is dependent on vehicle dimensions
Pole Banner Allows attachment of banners to utility or other poles in the right-of-way. $10/banner/occurence
Sidewalk Permit Application Approval authorizes property owner or contractor to replace or repair sidewalk, apron or curb. $25/parcel/occurence. 
Temporary Occupancy Permit for Outdoor Restaurant Authority for restaurant to encroach on the right-of-way. $200 new, $100 renew/year expires 11/30 
Temporary Occupancy Permit for Sidewalk Sale Authority for business to have a sidewalk sale in front of their storefront. $50 fee, duration varies depending on location. 
Street Obstruction Permit Authority to obstruct public use of any highway, lane, road, street, alley or sidewalk. $20/location/occurence. 
Street Opening Permit Authority to make an excavation or opening in any highway, lane, road, street or alley of the City.  Fee varies by opening.  Regulations
Central Business District Temporary Sidewalk Vending Device Authority to place vending device in public right-of-way in Central Business District.  $200/year, expires 7/31.