Division of Fire Services

Operations, Division of Fire

Emergency: 911 - 24 Hours Daily

The purpose of this program is to save lives and protect property by: extinguishing and preventing the spread of fire; providing immediate medical care; providing rescue and extrication services; abating hazardous materials releases; and by investigating the causes of fires and other emergencies. This program responds to alarms with necessary personnel, apparatus and equipment; conducts daily training; maintains apparatus, equipment and stations; inspects/investigates buildings, fire hydrants, fires and division accidents.

Water Supply Office

216.664.6377 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm

This office is the link between the Division of Fire and the Department of Water. Interested parties are asked to contact the Water Supply Officer at the number above prior to obtaining a Hydrant Permit. Since this office maintains the City’s 17,000 fire hydrants, it responds to complaints about rusty water and other hydrant problems.

Statistics/Research, Division of Fire

STATS collects and compiles all data related to alarm responses, employee payroll and hours, and compiles and takes the necessary action to insure the City collects monies due for medical transports and unnecessary alarms.

Administration, Division of Fire

This section includes Headquarters, Statistics/Research, the Medical Office, the Employee Assistance Program, Internal Affairs and Public Education/Photo/Public Relations. HQ carries out all the tasks necessary to operate the Division in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Bureau of Communications, Division of Fire

BOC receives alarms and dispatches units, handles emergency communications for Fire companies and responds to major incidents to control and coordinate emergency communications. In addition, the BOC handles normal day to day phone communications, and tests fire communication equipment.

Internal Affairs, Division of Fire

The Internal Affairs unit assists the Division of Fire headquarters in all internal investigations, including disciplinary cases.