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Community Health Screenings

English: 216.664.2117 Spanish: 216.664.6010 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - Send Email

Health Screening Registration Form

The Division of EMS performs health screenings at various community locations and events. Screenings include blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol tests. Organizations, including private businesses, can make arrangements for EMS personnel to test on-site at their establishment or event. There is no fee for this service.

EMS Public Family and Friend CPR/AED Classes

English: 216.664.6029 Spanish: 216.664.6010 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - Send Email

CPR AED Registration Form

These classes are available to the public at no cost. Individuals or groups can sign up and attend classes at Cleveland EMS Headquarters at 1701 Lakeside Ave. The dynamic Family and Friends CPR course is designed to teach small or large groups of non-professional rescuers the basics of CPR. This is a non-certified course. Photo ID is required for participation.

Medical Records Requests

216.664.6077 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - Send Email

Medical Records Request Form

The Division of EMS provides copies of patient care records. The fee for this service is $5 per patient/per day. Instructions for completing and routing the form are included in the file above. Notarization of the form is a requirement.

Project Dawn Distribution Location

Project Dawn Web Page

In partnership with MetroHealth Medical Center the Division of EMS distributes Project DAWN (Deaths Avoided with Naloxone) Kits to the public.  Kits can be obtained from any Division of EMS ambulance and at the Division of EMS Headquarters at 1701 Lakeside Ave., Cleveland.

EMS Special Events Coverage

216.664.6005 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - Send Email

Special Event Coverage Registration Form
This service offers EMS ambulances for events taking place within the City of Cleveland, including festivals, concerts, sporting events, etc. The Divison of EMS offers fully-staffed Advanced Life Support ambulances on site for the duration of the event in case emergency medical services are needed. The cost is $90/hr per 2 EMS employees. Cost may very, depending on the size of the event and the expected number of attendees.

EMS Community Education

English: 216.664.2117 Spanish: 216.664.6010 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - Send Email

Career Day/Public Awareness Registration Form

The Community Education and Training Section participates in career days, and provides speakers to local groups and organizations including private businesses. These services are available at no cost to the public and to private organizations.

Public Feedback for EMS Services

English: 216.664.2047 Spanish: 216.664.6010 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - F: 216.623.4599 - Send Email

EMS Feedback Form

The Office of Integrity; Control, Compliance, and Employee Accountability (OICCEA) provides a way for the public to give feedback regarding the Division of EMS. This office is responsible for the investigation of complaints of misconduct. They hold hearings and recommend disciplinary actions and hand out letters of commendation on compliments received. Those wishing to voice their opinion regarding EMS service may email or fax the completed form or mail it to:

City of Cleveland EMS Headquarters
1701 Lakeside Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44114