Bond Information

An appearance bond, also known as a bail bond, allows a jailed person to be released. Its purpose is to guarantee the arrested person’s appearance at a Court-specified time and place. The cost of the bond varies with the seriousness of the charge and is set by the court.

Obtaining and Using Bonds

Cleveland Municipal Court bonds are issued at the City Clerk of Courts office on the 3 rd floor of the Justice Center (216.664.4790), and Cuyahoga County bonds are issued on the 2 nd floor. The person’s name, case number, dollar amount, and court date will be written on the bond.

Bonds must be taken to the facility where the subject is being held. Bonds may be returned if they are incorrect or if the jail Supervisor requests the Clerk of Courts to set a higher bond.

A person released on a bond who has a hold (warrant) for another agency will be held and transferred to that agency if they are wanted at the time of their release from Cleveland, regardless of the court date set on the Cleveland bond.

Bondspersons do not work for, with, nor are they in any way associated with the City of Cleveland, its jails, or employees