The Division of Animal Care & Control seeks to find a positive outcome for every happy, healthy pet in its care through proactive return-to-owner, adoption, and transfer programs. All intake and outcome data is tracked according to nationally recognized standards.

The Division's 2020 canine live release rate was 93.7%. In 2018:

  • 2941 dogs were impounded
  • 669 dogs were adopted through the CITY DOGS program
  • 1004 dogs were returned to owner
  • 1117 dogs were transferred to rescue and shelter partners
  • To view 2020 statistics in more detail, click here

It is important to note that the division offers owner-requested euthanasia, which is included in these calculations. It is also important to note that the live release rate is for dogs only.

The division primarily impounds dogs, but does take in other domestic and wild animals in special circumstances. Animal Care & Control does not impound stray cats unless they are injured.