Snow Removal and Emergencies

When snowfall reaches at least one half inch, the Division of Streets begins plowing and salting main streets. Clearing of residential streets is determined by weather conditions and forecasts. Generally, an accumulation above two inches involves salting and plowing, and less accumulation involves salting only.

Local public officials can declare snow emergencies. Levels are:

  • Category 1: Use caution
  • Category 2: Hazardous roads- necessary travel only
  • Category 3: Emergency vehicles only- travel advisory strictly enforced

Those working in the City of Cleveland should be aware of their workplace snow emergency policies.

Motorists Tips for Cleveland Winters

  • Obey parking regulations on streets with “Snow Ban” signs
  • Slow down- slick pavement reduces traction and can mean loss of control
  • Increase following distance, use headlights, and wear seatbelts
  • Pump brakes to stop gradually or apply anti-lock brakes steadily
  • Use caution near snow clearing equipment, staying at least 50 feet away to reduce the risk of accidents
  • Allow for snow removal equipment’s wide turns at intersections
  • Winterize vehicles: check brakes, tires, wiper fluid and wipers
  • Equip vehicles with blankets, jumper cables, flashlight (with fresh batteries), scraper, cloth or paper towels, warning devices, non-perishable foods
  • Pay attention to weather advisories and leave earlier than usual
  • Plan routes to avoid steep upgrades and travel main streets when possible
  • Avoid isolated areas during storms