Public Works Sections

Cemeteries: Provides burial services and cemetery maintenance. -Web Page

Cultural Arts, Bureau of: Provides active recreational opportunities and cultural experiences in art and performance art for all ages and interest groups at Cudell Recreation Center.  -Web Page

Parking Facilities, Division of: Monitors, maintains, and plans on and off-street parking. -Web Page

Park Maintenance and Properties, Division of: Oversees Parks, Cemeteries, Golf Courses, Urban Forestry, maintenance of vacant lots, Greenhouse and Task Force Program assignments. -Web Page

Public Auditorium & Conference Center: Offers exhibition space which can hold over 1,500 exhibits.  -Web Page

Recreation, Division of: Operates recreation centers, pools, playgrounds, ball fields, and golf courses. -Web Page

Rockefeller Park Greenhouse: Botanical garden which is open free to the public year-round. -Web Page

Special Events, Office of: Issues permits for public property use, works with Film Commission. -Web Page

Streets, Division of: Street resurfacing, repair, guardrail installation, snow and ice removal, and graffiti abatement. -Web Page

Traffic Engineering, Division of: Erects and maintains traffic control devices; prepares drawings, standards and specifications; and determines parking and the design/placement of pavement markings, traffic signs and traffic control devices. -Web Page

Urban Forestry: Provides a safe urban forest while striving to preserve its natural beauty. -Web Page

Waste Collection and Disposal, Division of: Collects waste from 155,000 homes, plus City buildings and public areas. It places dumpsters at neighborhood events and community functions and plays an active role in special cleanup programs. -Web Page

West Side Market: Grocery shopping in a historic landmark.  -Web Page

Internal Divisions

These sections do not work directly with the public.

Motor Vehicle Maintenance, Division of: The control, supervision of procurement custody, maintenance, repair and assignment of all motor vehicles and equipment of the various Departments of the City are the basic functions of the Division of Motor Vehicle Maintenance. These include passenger cars, trucks, vans, commercial and industrial vehicles and equipment. The Division of Motor Vehicles provides efficient, cost effective emergency service and towing of city vehicles.

Property Management, Division of: Responsible for the maintenance and utility servicing of all city owned or leased real property and buildings.  -Web Page