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Summary of the Symposium
Community Benefits: Making Development Accountable

One of the primary goals of the City of Cleveland is to ensure that local development projects create direct benefits for residents. To achieve this goal, the city has been resolute in strengthening the interface between the Mayor’s Office of Equal Opportunity, development departments, and the contracting community. The focus has been on living wage, resident employment, diversity and inclusion. The City of Cleveland’s enactment of the Cleveland Resident Employment Law in 2004 provides a strong base for this work.

The city announced its support for the use of CBAs in 2012. Over the last year, Community Benefit Agreements (CBA) and policies have been researched for use as additional tools to hold development projects accountable for creating a direct, local benefit.

To build momentum, the City of Cleveland, along with several partners, hosted a symposium entitled, Community Benefit Agreements: Making Development Accountable on August 3rd, 2012.

Presentations and Speakers

Tools for Rebuilding Urban Economies >>
Kathleen Mulligan- Hansel, PhD, Deputy Director, The Partnership for Working Families

CBA's, CWA's and Other Community Tools >>
Mr. Ben Beach, Community Benefits Law Center Director

Community Benefit Forum >>
Mr. Jeff Cohen, Pricipal, Rock Gaming LLC, and Vice Chairman, Cleveland Cavaliers

City of Los Angeles Community Workforce Agreement: Implementing a Successful Local Hire Program Monitoring and Ensuring Compliance >>
Mr. John Reamer, Inspector of Public Works and Director of the Bureau of Contract Administration, Los Angeles, CA  

Participant Comments

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