OPS has jurisdiction over the following types of misconduct complaints made against personnel of the Cleveland Division of Police:

  1. Harassment complaints: to include those alleging bias policing, discrimination, and profiling;
  2. Excessive Force complaints;
  3. Unprofessional Behavior/Conduct complaints;
  4. Improper Procedure complaints, including:
    1. Improper Arrest
    2. Improper Citations
    3. Improper Search
    4. Improper Stop
    5. Improper Tow
  5. Service complaints, including:
    1. Insufficient CDP employee service
    2. No CDP service;
  6. Property complaints, including
    1. missing property
    2. damage to property; and,
  7. Misconduct related to the receipt of a Uniform Traffic Ticket (UTT) or Parking Infraction Notice (PIN) if the Parking Infraction Notice was issued by CDP personnel.

Cases that fall outside of these parameters, and do not allege criminal conduct, are administratively dismissed and referred to the proper agency with the authority to address that matter, whenever possible. Citizen complaints alleging criminal conduct (i.e. theft, assault) are referred by the OPS Administrator to the CDP Internal Affairs Unit that has the responsibility for investigation of alleged criminal acts by CDP personnel.