Sinking Fund Commission

The Sinking Fund is the bond retirement fund of the City and its operations are governed by the Ohio Revised Code, the City Charter and the General Bond Ordinance. The Sinking Fund Commission consists of the Mayor, Director of Finance and City Council President. An Assistant Secretary is appointed by the members to conduct the business of the Sinking Fund Commission. The Sinking Fund Commission is responsible for the issuance and payment of all City debt including general obligation, special revenue, non-tax revenue and tax increment financing debt

Debt Administration & Record Maintenance

Ensures the proper disbursement of funds for the payment of debt by maintaining accurate records of fixed rate and variable rate debt service requirements and other schedules of cash and investments.

Debt Issuance & Compliance

Ensures that the City issues all debt in a cost effective manner and complies with all covenants of the General Bond Ordinance; the Sinking Fund Ordinance; in all revenue or special obligation bond indentures; as well as, all federal regulations governing the issuance of debt.