Vendor Information

Vendors can view current solicitations for purchases under $50,000. The Vendor Pre-registration Worksheet can be found in the Vendor Information tab below. Vendors can register with the City by sending a completed registration and W-9 form (available on the Vendor Information tab below) to the Division of Purchases and Supplies:

Division of Purchases and Supplies
City of Cleveland
601 Lakeside Ave, Room 128
Cleveland, OH 44114

Current City of Cleveland Vendor Solicitations

Invitations to Bid over $50,000

Request For Bids under $50,000

Requests for Proposals

An Invitation to Bid (ITB) is a formal document that contains all of the forms and instructions necessary to submit a sealed bid to the City. The ITB’s are published on this website and are also posted at City Hall in room 128. Purchasing and Supplies is the division through which all competitively-bid purchases for the City are provided, under regulations provided by ordinance and by the direction of the Board of Control. Bidders are still required to submit an original signed and sealed bid. The City cannot accept electronic or faxed bids. Instructions are included with each Bid Form.

A Request for Bid (RFB) is a solicitation for an item under $50,000, and these are available for vendors in the Cleveland Advantage Vendor Self Service System.

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is a formal solicitation process initiated directly by the departments to contract for professional services not procurable through the public bid process, as an exception to normal ordinance requirements. RFP’s over $50,000 require specific ordinance authority and are processed through the Consultant Review Committee, and not through the Division of Purchases and Supplies. 

Questions may be directed to the Division of Purchases and Supplies at 216.664.2620, 9:00am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, EST, or emailed to