About and Contact List

The Division of Purchases and Supplies is a division of the Department of Finance, and is the central office through which all purchases for the City of Cleveland are made. All purchases are processed in accordance with the Charter and all City policies and ordinances of the City of Cleveland, under the direction of the Board of Control.

The Division of Purchases and Supplies

  • procures quality commodities and services at the lowest possible cost and in a timely manner through effective and efficient competitive bidding
  • maintains citywide requirements contracts
  • maximizes returns on the disposal of surplus property, real and personal

As a centralized purchasing operation, written purchase orders signed by the Commissioner of Purchases and Supplies are required prior to the delivery of supplies or services. The City is not responsible for verbal orders placed by employees outside the Division of Purchases and Supplies.

Purchases and Supplies Contact List

The Division of Purchases and Supplies delivers high-quality customer service in an open and friendly atmosphere. The well-trained, credentialed and professional staff is ethical, honest, and hard working. The staff takes ownership and responsibility for the City's centralized procurement processes.

Employee Name Send Email Phone
General Contact Main Line Email 216.664.2620
General Contact Fax Line Email 216.664.2177
Tiffany White Johnson, Commissioner Email 216.664.2620
Steven Decker, Deputy Commissioner Email 216.664.2624
Natasha Price, Principal Clerk (Contracts) Email 216.664.2625
Lauren Drake, Project Director (Citywide Contracts) Email 216.664.2627
Royce Griffin, Expeditor Email 216.664.2628
Donia Patterson, Administrative Assistant Email 216.664.2626
Jules Gilliam, Buyer Email 216.664.2621
Kristina Ahmetaj, Financial Systems Coordinator Email 216.664.2885