Division of Printing and Reproduction

This Division produces printed materials for City departments, City Council, and Cleveland Municipal Court. The division offers a variety of services including: graphic design, variable data printing, and mail processing. The Division is also responsible for securing and administering City photocopier contracts, and maintains a full-service copy center at City Hall.

Division of Printing and Reproduction Sustainability Policy

The Vision

The Division strives to be an industry sustainability leader, resulting in benefits to the community by reducing environmental impact, and through the responsible use of financial resources.

The Mission

Sustainability at the Division is a dynamic process of research, self-examination, and improvement, and the Division will continually seek opportunities to reduce its operational environmental impact

The Commitments

The Division is committed to integrating environmental, health & safety and sustainability matters into all business activities.

This is done by adhering to the following:

  • When feasible, using materials derived from renewable or low environmental impact resources and maximizing the recycling program
  • Mitigating or preventing pollution through reduction, reuse and recycling 
  • Making practical and effective use of innovative green products techniques and technologies
  • Encouraging energy conservation
  • Maintaining a safe and healthy work environment for employees through strict compliance to applicable regulatory and voluntary industry standards.
  • Communicating commitments to sustainability performance, health and safety initiatives and environmental impacts through open dialog with employees, vendors, customers and the community.  The Division will solicit input from these sources in achieving goals and in turn will offer assistance to them in meeting theirs.
  • Educating City employees about the Division's sustainability policy and procedures.

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