Division of Information Technology Services

The Division of Information Technology & Services provides information that is stored, transmitted, and/or processed by technology to all areas of the executive branch of City Government. The services include information technical planning, application development, and hardware and software acquisition, management of Telecommunication and technical support. The Division manages the City's servers, operates data/voice communications network and the Customer Support Center.

Technical Support Services

This section of the Division of ITS Provides overall technical support for the planning, development, evaluation, installation, maintenance and inventory of the IT hardware /software environment for the City of Cleveland by providing daily monitoring and tuning.

Telecommunications Delivery Services

The Division of ITS’s Telecommunications section Provides effective and cost-efficient telecommunications services to the City of Cleveland by installing, repairing and maintaining services to telecommunications systems and equipment. This section operates citywide desktop telephones, pagers, cell phone, voicemail messaging and faxing.