How To Report Fraud

Tips or complaints of fraud, waste, or abuse conducted by City of Cleveland employees may be made at any time by any public employee or private citizen.  Fraud, waste, or abuse may be reported using this website, email, U.S. mail, phone, or to the Ohio Auditor of State.  All credible complaints will be referred to the appropriate individuals.

Website Submittal*

City of Cleveland Fraud Reporting

Please note you have the option to keep this report 100% confidential with your anonymity wholly protected.

Email Submittal*

Complaints can be emailed to:

U.S. Mail

Complaints can be mailed to:
City of Cleveland
Division of Internal Audit
601 Lakeside Avenue, Room 24
Cleveland, Ohio 44114


Complaints can be discussed with:

  • Natasha Brand, Manager of Internal Audit - 216.664.4157

Ohio Auditor of State*

Options to submit complaints to the Ohio Auditor of State can be found on their website:

Ohio Auditor of State Fraud Reporting

*PLEASE NOTE: Under Ohio law, complaint forms or letters may at some time become public records subject to disclosure under the Ohio Public Records Act. Documents that are deemed to be public records are available to the public, including the media, upon request for review, copying, and release. Since the Internet is not secure, we urge you to send personal identifying information (for example, Social Security number, bank account numbers, or credit card numbers) by U.S. Mail rather than via the Internet. Please be sure to send copies of the supporting documents, not the originals.