Court Watch Program

This program is designed, in part, to help Clevelanders gain a better understanding of how the court system works. Through the presence of a unified community, judges will understand that it is expected that perpetrators be held fully responsible for their actions and punished accordingly.

This program shows victims and their families that their neighbors want to see justice served in their cases, and it is developing better relationships between the courts, police and citizens.


Courtwatch: Helping Victims and the Justice System

216.664.3290 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - 601 Lakeside Ave., Room 11

Courtwatch representatives are the “watchdogs" of the community because they help victims and neighbors monitor court cases while establishing a visible presence during trials. Courtwatch gives Clevelanders the opportunity to learn how the criminal justice system works, who the judges are, and what sentences are imposed.

Courtwatch recruits and trains community volunteers to attend hearings and trials. These volunteers report basic information and give impressions of the performances of judges and prosecutors.

Courtwatchers show victims that they have community support. By making a statement to criminals that crime will not be tolerated they also support police, prosecutors, and judges who apprehend and punish those that harm others.