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EMS Compliments and Complaints

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Animal Complaints

216.664.3069 - 24 hours/day Weekdays and 7 am to 11 pm Saturday/Sunday

Complaint Form

Animal complaints include complaints of barking dogs, dogs running loose, dog bites, and other dog nuisances. The City of Cleveland Animal Control Services responds to calls concerning animal ordinances, and it provides stray animal pickup throughout the City of Cleveland.

Filing a Complaint Against a Member of the Police Force

Citizen Complaint Form

P: 216.664.2944 - Complaints Accepted 8:30am to 4:00pm - F: 216.420.8764 - 205 W. St. Clair Ave. Rm 301 

Any person wishing to file a complaint against a member of the Cleveland Division of Police may complete the complaint form and accompanying documents. Completed forms can be faxed, however, the original forms with the signature of the person making the complaint must be mailed or hand-delivered to the Office of Professional Standards and Civilian Police Review Board

Free parking will be provided for visitors to the Office of Professional Standards and Police Review Board at the 55 Public Square parking garage on the corner of West 3rd St and West St. Clair Ave. Visitors must bring their parking receipt to the office to be validated.