Snow Removal and Emergencies

Parking Meter Repair, Parking Tickets at Broken Meter

Vehicle Damage Claims

Downtown Parking Lot Locations and Fees

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Snow Removal and Emergencies

216.664.2510 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm

When snowfall reaches at least one half inch, the Division of Streets begins plowing and salting main streets. Clearing of residential streets is determined by weather conditions and forecasts. Generally, an accumulation above two inches involves salting and plowing, and less accumulation involves salting only. -more

Parking Meter Repair,  Parking Tickets at Broken Meter

Report broken meter: 216.664.3566 - Open 24/7
Call regarding parking ticket: 216.664.4744 - Weekdays 8 am to 4 pm

Cars parked at broken meters may receive tickets because ticket writers do not have the authority to determine if meters are broken. Those who receive tickets at broken meters are asked to call and report the meter number to the Meter Division, and call the Parking Violations Bureau to speak with a customer service representative about the parking ticket.

Vehicle Damage Claims

216.664.2803 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - 601 Lakeside Ave.

Legal Claims Instruction Letter and Form

For claims which involve vehicles, including damage caused by potholes, claimants are required to submit the following documentation:

  1. Completed claim form
  2. Copy of the vehicle title
  3. Insurance: claimants who have full coverage insurance must provide information about the insurance including a copy of the declaration page, and indicate the deductible amount.
  4. Two estimates of repair costs or an itemized bill
  5. If applicable: Police or incident report.
  6. For claims involving personal injury: copies of medical reports, including doctor and hospital bills and pharmacy receipts

If available, witness statements, photographs of vehicle damages or of what allegedly caused damages

Special Notice Regarding Potholes:  The City is not responsible for damages caused by potholes if it did not know about the potholes and have a chance to fix it before the damage occurred.

Downtown Cleveland Public Parking Lots


Lakefront Municipal Parking
1500 South Marginal

(Oversize Vehicles: 664.2711) 
Attendant: On duty 5 am to 10 Am
Monday - Friday
Honor Box: 1:00 pm to 6 pm
Daily: $3.00
Monthly: N/A 
Special Events: Up to $20.00


Chester Parking Lot
East 13th and Chester

Attendant on duty 6 am to 10:30 am
Monday - Friday
Daily : $4.50
Monthly : N/A
Special Events: Up to $15.00


Willard Park Garage
City Hall, 601 Lakeside Ave.

5am to 11 pm Weekdays
Attendant on duty 5 am to 11 pm
Monday - Friday
Honor Box: N/A
Daily: 0-1 hour $2.25, each add'l 1/2 hour $1.25, Daily Max: $9.00
Early bird (in by 8:30 am) $7.00
Monthly: $110.00
Special Events: Up to $20.00


Canal Basin Lot
1519 Merwin

Attendant: varies based on special events
Honor Box: 5 am to 9 am
Daily: $1.00
Monthly: N/A
Special Events: Up to $15.00


Gateway East Garage

216.781.1672 for information


St. Clair Parking Lot
1440 St. Clair Avenue

Monday- Friday
Attendant: N/A
Daily: N/A
Monthly: $55.00
Special Events: up to $15.00