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How the Property Code Violation Notice Process Works

Ordinances Concerning Code Violations

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Fair Housing Discrimination Complaint Filing

216.664.2018 - Espanol: 664.2019 -  Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - 601 Lakeside Ave.

Any person who believes they are the victim of illegal discrimination in the City of Cleveland can file a complaint by calling the Fair Housing Board. 

Related paperwork should be on hand before making the phone call. This can include a lease, mortgage papers, written letters, and names and phone numbers of witnesses. The Board’s staff will review the complaint to see if there have been violations, and a means to resolve the conflict will be presented. If that does not work, there will be an investigation to see whether or not there should be a hearing. If there is a hearing, the Board will decide if a law was broken or if one was about to be broken.

How the Code Violation Notice Process Works

216.664.2007 - Weekdays 9 am to 3 pm - Send Email - F: 216.420.7582

Once a complaint is received an exterior property inspection is conducted. If the complaint is valid, a violation notice is issued to the owner. The City has identified Concentrated Inspection Areas where inspectors inspect property in a proactive, more systematic manner. Inspections are also made resulting from complaints received.

If violations exist, a violation notice is issued giving the property owner time to make corrections. If violations are not corrected in consultation with the Department of Law, legal proceedings can be initiated against the property owner. For minor misdemeanor violations inspectors have the ability to issue tickets.

Ordinances Concerning Code Violations:

Building Code: Enforcement and Penalty
Building Code: Permits and Occupancy Certificates
Zoning Code: Enforcement and Penalty
Zoning Code: Specialized Uses Regulated
Zoning Code: Off-Street Parking and Loading
Zoning Code: Nonconforming Use
Zoning Code: Fence Regulations
Zoning Code: Outdoor Signs and Displays
Housing Code: Residential Occupancy Standards
Housing Code: Rental Dwelling Standards
Housing Code: Rooming Occupancy Standards
Housing Code: Enforcement and Penalty