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Scheduling Building and Housing Inspections

Landbank Program

Lead Hazard Control Program

Cleveland Action to Support Housing

Home Weatherization Assistance Program


Neighborhood Historic Preservation and Heritage Home Program

Sidewalk Permits, Assessments, and Repair Programs

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Homeowners and Do-it-Yourselfers Permit Information

Homeowners who have hired contractors should call 216.664.2884 to verify that their contractor is registered and should ask the contractor for copies of permits before work begins. Work should not be accepted prior to final inspection by a Building and Housing inspector.

Owner-occupants of one- or two-family homes may perform alterations or build homes without being registered as contractors, but are subject to the same regulations that apply to contractors for permits, plan examination and inspection.

Plan Examination and Approval Process

Once permit applications are made, plans are reviewed by the City for code compliance.  There is a charge of $15 per 1000 square feet of work and a minimum fee of $15 for reviewing plans for homes, garages, sheds, fences, and swimming pools. The review period varies according to the project’s complexity. In general, review of one- and two-family homes can be completed in three to five working days.

For more information see the permit guide.

Building and Housing Inspections

Contractors and do-it-yourselfers are responsible for scheduling inspections by calling the office number listed on the building permit. Inspections should be made after foundation excavation (before pouring concrete), after rough-in (before concealing work), and upon completion. NOTE: If faulty work is discovered, the inspector will issue a violation notice, and a specific period of time is allotted to correct the problem.

Cleveland Action to Support Housing (CASH)

P: 216.621.7350 - F: 216.621.5269 - 4001 Detroit Ave., Suite 202, Cleveland OH

CASH Website

This program is a citywide partnership between the City and financial institutions that allows creditworthy homeowners to obtain low-interest rehabilitation loans.  The maximum term is 12 years and there are no income limitations for CASH loans.

Home Weatherization Assistance Program  (HWAP)

P: 216.664.2045 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - 601 Lakeside Ave., Room 302

HWAP Flyer
HWAP Application Form

Home Weatherization Assistance Program (HWAP) grants of approximately $6,572 per unit are available through the State of Ohio for homeowners and tenants who meet HWAP income limits. Additional information is available through any of  these agencies:

Detroit-Shoreway Community Dev. Org. 216.961.4242
Community Housing Solutions 216.651.0077
Cleveland Housing Network 216.574.7100
Cudell Improvement, Inc. 216.228.4383
Mt. Pleasant Now 216.751.0023
Fairfax Renaissance 216.361.8400

Consumer Info Hotline – information regarding Ohio’s Home Weatherization Assistance Program is available at the Ohio Department of Development, Office of Community Assistance at 1.800.848.1300. -more

Repair-A-Home (RAH)

216.664.2045 - Weekdays 8 am to 5 pm - 601 Lakeside Ave., Room 302

This program helps homeowners repair Cleveland homes by offering low-interest loans ranging from 0% to 3%, determined by total household income. These loans are only for code related repairs, mechanical repairs or health and safety repairs.

Interested parties should contact the Division of Neighborhood Services at the above phone number for more information. A photo ID, proof of address (copy of mortgage, insurance, utility bill, etc.), and proof of income are required.

2017 Income Guidelines
Effective April 14, 2017

HS = Household Size

HS 30% of Area Median
RAH Deferred
35% of Area Median
50% of Area Median
Lead Hazard Control Rental
80% of Area Median RAH
Lead Hazard Control Owner
1 14250 16700 23800 38050
2 16300 19050 27200 43450
3 18350 21450 30600 48900
4 20350 23800 33950 54300
5 22000 25750 36700 58650
6 23650 27650 39400 63000
7 25250 29550 42100 67350
8 26900 31450 44850 71700

Neighborhood Historic Preservation and Heritage Home Programs

P: 216.426.3116 - 3751 Prospect Ave., Cleveland, OH 44115 

Heritage Home Program

These programs are administered by the Cleveland Restoration Society. The loans are not subject to income guidelines and can be used for owner-occupied as well as non-owner occupied homes.

Bureau of Sidewalks

The Bureau of Sidewalks assures proper maintenance of the City’s public sidewalks; issues citations, violation notifications, and permits; and administers two sidewalk repair programs. -more

City of Cleveland Land Bank Program

The City of Cleveland’s Land Reutilization (Land Bank) Program is designed to acquire vacant land and market it to individuals, developers, and non-profit organizations for redevelopment. The goal is to contribute to the economic, social and environmental betterment of the City through redevelopment of city-owned land.

The Land Bank application process ensures that vacant property is transferred to responsible parties committed to restoring property to productive use. Interested parties must submit a written application (Application Information is available on a tab below) to the Land Bank office and outline the details of their proposals. Each Land Bank Application has its own Guide which outlines important information such as specific application requirements, Land Bank policies and procedures.

 The general application process is as follows:

    • Applicant completes a Land Bank application including required information and site plan
    • Proposal is evaluated to determine if the development is suitable for the neighborhood; proposed improvements may be subject to the City's design review process
    • The Councilperson for the area is informed of the proposal and comments from the City Planning Commission and area Community Development Corporation are gathered
    • Applicant is notified of decision on application; if approved, conditions may be attached
    • Administrative approvals are obtained, a deed is prepared for signature and the property is transferred to the interested party

Land Bank at Work Flyer

Application Information

Item Name

ID Number

Side Yard Application & Guide


Agriculture/Garden Application & Guide


Development Application & Guide


Parking Lot Development Information


New Home Construction Packet (Housing Development Office)


Property Donation Guidelines


Property Donation Questionnaire


Land Bank Parcel Request Form (Incoming parcels- Not yet in LB inventory)


Construction Staging/GEO Technical Contractor Request Form


Inventory Search Instructions

City Planning Commission - Land Bank Inventory Search (GIS)

Locate Address/Parcel

  1. After clicking on the City Planning Commission - Land Bank Inventory Search (GIS) link, a user may choose the “Interactive Map link” button that will size a map to fit specific computer monitor dimensions
  2. The “Locate Address/Parcel” button above the map may then be clicked
  3. The user would then enter information in the pop-up window and click the “Search” button 
  4. The pop-up window will refresh. The user can then click on “Map this feature” near the bottom of the window
  5. The map will open in a new window and the parcel of interest will be identified
  6. Land Bank parcels around the parcel of interest can be identified and ownership information can be determined by using steps four, six and seven, respectively (below) 

Locate Intersection/Address

  1. The website user must first follow step one above
  2. The "Locate Intersection/Address" button above the map may then be clicked
  3. Information can be entered in the pop-up window, and the "Search" button clicked
  4. When the "Layer Control" button in the left sidebar is clicked, a window opens where multiple map layers can be viewed and activated. For example: if the “Land Bank” box, on/off label is checked and the “Refresh” button (top of window) is clicked, Land Bank Parcels will be shaded light purple
  5. Users may employ the “Zoom in,” “Zoom out” and “Pan” functions on the top bar of the map window to navigate in and around a parcel or area of interest
  6. Ownership of a specific parcel may be identified. The user must simply click the “Identify” button on the top bar of the map, move the cursor over the parcel of interest and click the mouse button
  7. In the “Identify Results” window that pops-up, the user can click the “County Auditor’s Web Site” link to view all property-specific information

Pricing Information

The City is required to sell the property in accordance with Section 5722 of the Ohio Revised Code and the City of Cleveland Codified Ordinance Section 183.021. The cost of the Land Bank lots is governed by the City of Cleveland's Board of Control. As of January 1st, 2013:

  • Lots for residential, side yard expansion are sold for $200
  • Lots for new housing construction are sold for $200 (Some restrictions apply)
  • Lots for Agriculture/Garden use are sold for $200 with a "Claw Back" provision if the eventual use is determined to be for another purpose 
  • Lots acquired for certain interim uses such as community gardens and construction staging/geo-technical work are leased or licensed under negotiated terms and conditions
  • Property sold for other uses will require an appraisal to determine the property’s fair market value
  • Buyers are also responsible for costs related to the recording of deeds, consolidation of parcels, etc.

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